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"No boundaries, no limits"

Let "Superlative" be your guide. Only post those things which have a good chance of eliciting a guffaw or a literate screed from our extremely jaded panel of top-notch cultural commentators. Avoid multiple postings. Seek out that which is rare and unlikely to be found by the rest of us in some other forum.

Want some guidelines? News articles should be rare, probably best if they are under-reported and concern stupid people. Anything from any "News of the Weird" source should be prohibited: it's so pedestrian. And the Weekly World News? Please... Also anything from Rotten dot com. Keep in mind that all the "Rate my --- "’s have been done.

Genuine websites created without ironic intent are good! Exceptionally funny videos are good (advertisements are usually not funny). Cool animations, stupid games, deformity and human tragedy are all great ideas.

According to Snout:
btw, the use of such acronyms such as 'LOL' or 'ROTFLMAO' in this tribe are forbidden, unless you can provide video footage of yourself ACTUALLY laughing out loud and/or rolling around on the floor. you have been warned...

Update by Rendall:
I don't really care what you say as long as it's interesting.

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